"The purpose of memory is not to let us recall the past, but to let us anticipate the future. Memory is a tool of prediction." Alain Berthoz

Each person is unique and Science helps us with three missions: knowledge, power and security. Knowledge and power are easily found on the Internet or with people without any certificate. But unfortunately, the third mission is not part of their baggage. It is forgotten and it can destroy a life, your life, at any time!


Being at 100% of your capacity at the right time requires a balance that goes beyond the development of skills. By creating your method of individual commitment, emotional intelligence or even communication, Backlight offers a serious method with a visible impact over time for a staff, a team, a department, a club, a company, a school. or even a federation!


This year-long follow-up represents a light that illuminates your target by gradually reducing the shaded areas:

  • Plan the project, determine the objective and collect the first data

  • Observe in the field, analyze data and simulate as a guarantee of security

  • Intervene with specific exercises, adapt according to progression and measure the effects



Price : to discuss

Includes :  Spotlight Performance Profiles + Virtual Personnalized Learning Environment + 6 months of observation, research and data analysis + 6 months of intervention