"It always seems impossible until it is done." Nelson Mandela

To think is also to suppress everything else. In many conferences, you’re bored. Do not lie to me, sometimes theories and incomprehensible words scroll without time passing. Fortunately there is a small aperitif offered after ... So you're dreaming!

Greenlight is the happy traffic light. Step on the speed pedal: go for your peanuts! Through a moment of sharing and pure pleasure, we will conquer our brain. Ideal for a team activity, a team building in a company or an evening in a bar, between science and common sense, the method caused a sensation!

Choose the subject to stage and on D-Day, we will create a participatory masterpiece which will be:

  • Constructive to learn how to be optimize your mental in a useful way

  • Active with exchanges and moments of fun, because it's good for health

  • Critical because it has never been so good to counter those who say: "stop thinking" or "you think too much"



Place: to be defined, we will find the perfect spot for the audience

Price : 500 CHF (75 minutes) / 1000 CHF (180 minutes)