"Propper preparation prevents poor performance." Charlie Batch

In every project, there, its share of uncertainty, and fortunately! Without any questioning, emotions such as joy, interest and determination would disappear. Even if it may seem trivial to some, this parallel world would be a real hell!

With Sidelight, you develop the audacity to embark on a project that you are passionate about or you find the way out of a tunnel of which you do not see the end. No matter what challenge you face, you take out your bunch of keys to move towards your goal.


By integrating moments of reflection and sharing as well as active moments to simulate the next steps to come, these five sessions represent a mental construction:


  1. Project Treasure Quest

  2. Performance Preferences

  3. Flex Challenge

  4. Decision Map

  5. Empty Chair


Individual price: 1450 CHF

Group price: 980 CHF (min. 3 people; you can either book it as a private group or be with other motivated people)

Includes: Spotlight Performance Profile + Exercices Folder + 5 Sessions

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