“I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same." Martha Graham

Your brain loves to anticipate. Sadly, many interventions forget it and try to give you the control in stressful situations: welcome to the world of reaction. It is to late and you consume a lot of useless energy worsen your well-being and your performance.

You deserve better. With Spotlight, you become the main character of your destiny! Results don’t lie; this method is associated with specific benefits in those areas: relations, leadership, transition, mental health and performance. With three aim, this one-shot session represents a lever, a new life framework:

  • Become self-aware of which preferences you have when there is something to lose or to win

  • Spot when you overplay your strengths and when you step in highly sensitive contexts

  • Move to gain self-assurance; when you will need it, you will find alternative methods easily.


Individual price : 490 CHF 

Group price: 330 CHF (min. 2 people)

Including : Spotlight Performance Profile + 1 Debriefing

More info :

Additional coaching session  : 190 CHF