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My story

"We are what we say but we also are what we keep quiet."

J K Stefansson

Believe it or not, I am a dreamer. I will give you the opportunity to confirm it by telling you my story.

Once upon a time, a crying baby was making his first steps into the physical world. That was way after I will fly into the mental world. Note that babies do have mental world. That was not my point. I began playing football at the age of 4, then played ping-pong, drums, floorball, ski and futsal.

During 12 years I did not approach the mental world until I realized everything was tied together. I studied Psychology, Pedagogy, Cognitive Science and Sport Psychology to develop my scientific questioning: How do people identify themselves as performers and at the same time as lovers ?

Applying scientific theories to my personal reasoning, I guide athletes, dancers, musicians, artists to their personal goals. Relevance, performance and balance is my mantra. 

Thank you for being a valuable part of my professional life.



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